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Welcome to International Hearing Dog, Inc!

International Hearing Dog, Inc's mission is to empower individuals who are d/Deaf and hard of hearing by purposefully training specially selected dogs to alert to sounds, carefully matching these dogs with handlers who are d/Deaf and hard of hearing; and supporting the paired teams throughout the lifetime of the match.


International Hearing Dog is celebrating #InternationalAssistanceDogWeek by introducing Val and Hearing Dog Maggie!

IHDI's July Hearing Dog Herald shares stories from perfect pairings at graduation to partners for life.

Jeff, who waited four years to be matched with Hearing Dog Atlas, shares, “When we get it right, I can feel it inside.” With Atlas by his side, Jeff navigates his work and personal environments with renewed independence and a greater sense of security. When asked what he is most looking forward to in the near future with Atlas, Jeff replied, “Camping!” and next year, “Maybe even a cruise with Deaf friends!”

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