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Welcome to the IHDI Family


What it means to be a Client with IHDI

We are dedicated to providing our clients with a hearing dog that possesses the temperament and training required to help provide our clients a renewed sense of independence, safety, and companionship. We pledge to strive to understand every client's needs and abilities; to be clear around expectations; to provide essential training for the hearing dog in training as well as the client; to select a dog that has the greatest potential for them; and to remain in partnership with the client and their dog throughout the life of the match.

What to Expect

The training of a hearing dog and the matching of the team itself is an ongoing process. IHDI recognizes this and performs best efforts to set up each hearing dog team to prosper before, during, and after achieving certification. Clients are expected to actively participate in all stages and training opportunities virtually and onsite for the most resilient matches.

Additional Client Topics

Meet Hearing Dog Team Linda & Curly

Linda is an example of the need IHDI is encountering daily. Linda is profoundly deaf. She lost her second IHDI hearing dog when he died of cancer. Matching Linda with her new hearing dog, Curly has revolutionized Linda’s life. Their bond was immediate. Curly responded quickly to a hearing dog’s role for Linda and demonstrated sound alerts from the very start. Thriving in the hearing dog role, Curly provided Linda with enormous reassurance and began to help her build back her confidence. Linda told us that her world is so bright now that she has Curly.