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Rescue Date: 
Jul 27 2016

Petey is our February Dog of the Month as he is going to his new owner in Arizona in the coming weeks! You may recognize him from our 2017 calendar as Mr. March. He looks incredibly distinguished in that photo, but all the trainers will tell you he is one goofy dog!

We believe Petey to be some sort of Terrier mix, but your guess is as good as ours! After being rescued from our local Adams County Shelter in July of 2016 he caught on to obedience exercises and quickly moved into Hearing Dog training.

This two year old has been described as alert, loyal, and energetic. Trainers say that his theme song could be 24K Magic by Bruno Mars because of his sophisticated style but silly personality.

We will be sad to see him go (rumor has it he's a trainer's favorite), but are excited for his full time role as a Hearing Dog. His future teammate is a Kiwanis club member and plans to take Petey to all of the meetings where Petey's service paw-print is sure to grow even stronger. 

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