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Rescue Date: 
Aug 23 2016

Katie is our May dog of the month! Katie is the sweetest dog around, a little lab with so much personality she can hardly contain herself. In fact, her main challenge is holding still. This wiggle worm loves her sound training work, and is good at it too. She loves toys, especially in the play yard while romping with her best friend, Luna. Katie enjoys spending time with volunteers, trainers, really anybody she can get her little paws on. This awesome dog has a lot of love to give, as well as a great pair of puppy-dog- eyes!

Katie is one of the first dogs that will be placed from our new source of rescue dogs in New Mexico. Thanks to the organizations From Forgotten to Forever and Paws on the Ground, International Hearing Dog has been able to access a pool of dogs in New Mexico dog shelters that would otherwise be euthanized. Paws on the Ground is an advocacy organization, working to end puppy mills, and save the lives of animals. Paws on the Ground facilitates dog adoptions through partners such as From Forgotten to Forever. From Forgotten to Forever is a rescue organization that pulls, fosters, vets, and transports dogs and cats from New Mexico (primarily Roswell, New Mexico) to different rescues in Colorado on a weekly basis. Their primary mission is to “pull animals from the Roswell Animal control before they are scheduled for euthanasia. The City of Roswell only gives the animals 7 days to be reclaimed, adopted or pulled by a rescue. They are put to sleep on the morning of the 8th day.” Katie was a lucky dog who was saved by organizations like these, and is now looking forward to a bright future as a Hearing Dog!

Katie has not yet been sponsored, but she is fully trained and is ready to go home! She will soon join her recipient in Boulder, Colorado. All Hearing Dogs are placed free of charge and International Hearing Dog is fully funded by generous donations, whether in form of grants, fundraisers like our upcoming Walk, Run & Wag, or the ten dollars you sent us last holiday season! Your generosity keeps us going, and keeps saving, training, and placing fantastic Hearing Dogs like Katie every year.