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Rescue Date: 
Jun 17 2017

Jax came to the training facility in June of 2017. Usually, dogs names are changed when they arrive. This is because certain names might be difficult for a deaf person to say or because there is already a dog out working with the same name and it could get confusing. Jax came into International Hearing Dog as a Rowdy and he certainly lived up to that name! That's not to say he isn't good natured - as he loves playing and meeting new people. His tail is ALWAYS wagging. The trainers are channeling all that energy into his sound work though and he's already making progress learning sounds.

Jax recently went in for his neuter and during the procedure the vet found that one of his canine teeth is broken and he needs surgery to repair it. The surgery is going to cost about $2000. Please consider donating to support the cost of Jax's surgery.