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IHDI is a Bocce's Bakery Brand Ambassador

IHDI is a Bocce's Bakery Brand Ambassador

Bocce's Bakery shows dogs some extra love by baking up crunchy biscuit treats with all-natural ingredients and lots of “I love you’s.” And, there sharing that love with IHDI! IHDI is a "Bocce's Buddies" Brand Ambassador! Every month Bocce's will send IHDI a box of their delicious treats for our trainees and we'll share them enjoying every tasty morsel! You too can help us treat IHDI dogs to more goodies and donations to the program by shopping at Bocce's and using the discount code IHDI15!

Meet Hearing Dog Team Darwin & Crispy

"Thank you, International Hearing Dog Inc, for this wonderful dog, Crispy." Wearing his work vest, Crispy goes everywhere with Darwin. A hearing loss is an invisible handicap, but Crispy makes the invisible visible. Crispy was born at IHDI and fostered until he began his training at IHDI. Darwin had been approved and next on the list for a hearing dog, so Crispy was a perfect fit for their family! They all live here in Colorado and show their support by attending every event.