Apply for a Hearing Dog

Due to the high volume of clients on our wait list, IHDI is putting a hold on accepting new applications so we can serve our current applicants in a timely manner. Check back for updates and when you can apply.

IHDI works hard to identify applicants based on their needs and circumstances. After applicants have been identified, we match the applicant with the dog that best suits his or her needs and requirements. Each dog is then custom-trained to work for the sounds the applicant requests.

Hearing Dog Program Eligibility

Hearing Dog candidates are adults over age 18 who:

  • Have at least a 65 decibel hearing loss (unaided)
  • Live alone or with other persons who are deaf or hard of hearing (IHDI will consider applicants who live with one hearing person)
  • Do not have another dog in the home (inside or outside)
  • Are physically and financially able and willing to care for and continue the training of a hearing dog.

Application Materials

We require the following items in addition to the full application to help determine eligibility:

  • A copy of the applicant’s most recent hearing test
  • A photo of the applicant and pictures of applicant's home
  • A general (blueprint-like) drawing of the residence the Hearing Dog will reside

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