Gonzo Moonlights As Snake Catcher

Gonzo Moonlights As Snake Catcher

Gonzo report.
For the last couple of days Gonzo has been on the hunt around the house, I thought a lizard got in. Last night he was really active, crying to be let out of the bedroom. I got up to check, didn’t see anything but he was on the hunt again. I had no intention of staying up while he chased a lizard so we went back to bed but he was restless all night.

Tonight I heard something I couldn’t identify so I checked to see what Gonzo was up to, he’s usually near me but not tonight, he had his own agenda. I found him aggressively trying to chew through a fabric shopping bag. Thinking the lizard was in the bag, I turned it upside down and out falls a snake!.... It was red, yellow and black!... I grabbed Gonzo and closed him in the guest bathroom. Then I took a good look at the snake and saw that the red was touching black! Phew, a Fla king snake, not a coral snake. Picked it up by the tip of the tail and put it outside where it can get back to his job of insect control.

When I let Gonzo out of the bathroom he was not happy that I had spoiled his fun, wouldn’t even come when called. Got back in his good graces with a treat and lots of praise.

I should have realized that his hunt was different when he cried to be let out of the bedroom. It was the middle of the night and I was tired and wanted to get back to sleep. I misread him.

If it wasn’t for Gonzo, who knows how long the snake would have been in here.

Years ago I memorized this: Red on black, lucky Jack. Red on yellow, you’re a dead fellow. Sure came in handy when I needed to identify what was slithering around on my living room floor.

Gonzo is one special little guy!

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