Rufus the firefighter

“Recently, my family stayed with me for about a week. A few days after they left, Rufus jumped up and ran to the back bedroom and jumped up on the bed next to the window. He just stood there looking at me, staring.

I have never seen him get onto any of the beds here unless you call him up. I thought, okay, there must be one of the toys making a noise so I checked all around and under the bed. I found a few little toys but they were the kind that do not make noise so I called him out of there.

Rufus signaled me again and ran to the back bedroom and up on the bed. It seemed he was staring more intensely. I said, "Rufie, I am tired; please tell me what is wrong."

This time when I looked under the bed, I saw a small light coming from between the mattress and the wall. I got up and pulled the bed away from the wall and saw a night light in the socket there. I took it out of the socket but I immediately dropped it as it was sooo hot!

The drapes were partly opened but covering the socket where the night light was. There was a brown scorch mark on the white liner where the drape was against the night light. I’m sure, that if it was left, a fire would have started sometime during the night. Rufus must have smelled something that wasn’t right.

He is amazing. After I praised him and gave him a treat, he was happy and hasn’t bothered with that room since.”

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