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Why This One?

Why This One?

Why International Hearing Dog and why for over 30 years? There are many good causes which need support. Why this one? I love dogs--always have, always will. I have family members with severe hearing loss. Two reasons to select International Hearing Dog.

I no longer remember how I was introduced to IHD. When my husband, Ross, and I first sent contributions we didn't set out to sponsor a dog. We just wanted to be a part of what seemed to be a great idea to help a dog who would in turn help a person. Years passed and we were able to contribute more. We had pictures of dogs that we were educating! We read stories of recipients who were so very grateful to have the help of an IHD trained dog. People and canines were depending on us. So that's why I'm sponsoring both Mitzi and Marco this year. They are dogs numbered 28 and 29 which I have sponsored. They need to be educated. People with hearing loss are waiting for them to be educated. I get the pleasure of knowing that they will become dogs with important, life changing jobs. Good news for all concerned.

Dogs from International Hearing Dog go beyond being companions. They are part of relationships in which they grow and serve and in some way become extensions of humans. What a high calling for a dog! And when I contribute I am a small part of that special human-canine working unit.

Susan, in California, with two dogs at my feet

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