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International Hearing Dog is celebrating #InternationalAssistanceDogWeek by introducing Val and Hearing Dog Maggie!

IHDI's July Hearing Dog Herald shares stories from perfect pairings at graduation to partners for life.

Jeff, who waited four years to be matched with Hearing Dog Atlas, shares, “When we get it right, I can feel it inside.” With Atlas by his side, Jeff navigates his work and personal environments with renewed independence and a greater sense of security. When asked what he is most looking forward to in the near future with Atlas, Jeff replied, “Camping!” and next year, “Maybe even a cruise with Deaf friends!”

It’s crucial to IHDI that our Hearing Service Dog teams continue to do well after Team Training that we recertify them yearly! This is a tall order and requires a long-term commitment from our working teams.

If you give a dog a bone ... he'll chew it!  Nylabone Cares donated chews of all shapes and sizes to IHDI trainees! Nylabone's gift ensures all of our dogs' needs are met -- including providing safe and appropriate chews to keep them happy and healthy.

Catch up on the newest additions to the training program, supporter appreciation, annual recertification, and summer safety tips in the June issue.

Learning to come when called is such an essential behavior we introduce it early! Playing recall games with a partner by taking turns calling the puppy by name and rewarding them upon arrival makes it fun for the puppy to come when called, which helps to build a reliable behavior.

Thank you, South Metro Fire Station 21, for hosting a training outing at their station. From big engine vehicles to polite greetings in uniform, the outing was a great opportunity for the dogs in training to practice general cues in a new and fast-paced environment.

Always be yourself.  Unless you can be a pirate, then always be a pirate!  Because socialization is puppies learning how to handle novel things, we like to introduce all types of things and keep it fun! 

From smoke detectors to name calls, individuals approaching from behind, and emergency alerts coming through on one's phone, Hearing Dogs provide their handlers with unmatched safety by alerting them to the world around them.

From welcoming new dogs in training to clients telling us how their hearing service dog saved their life and volunteers sharing why they are motivated to be Puppy Raisers to a novel training opportunity at a firehouse, May ushered in positive experiences and blossoming relationships at IHDI.

Being a puppy raiser at IHDI has meant so much to me! I am proud to be supporting the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community by training a dog that will provide them with a sense of security and safety.

Augie and Astro are passing the leash to our newest PAWS-ability puppies in training, Cosmo & Camo.

Please welcome Camo to the IHDI puppy crew! Camo was picked for his resiliency and outgoing nature, but his adorable photogenic face is a fun bonus. He's a little pup with his sights set on being a Service Dog, and IHDI has high hopes of seeing those big dreams come true.

Introducing Hearing Dog Candidate, Cosmo! Selected to be a hearing Dog hopeful due to his self assured manner and gutsy attitude, Cosmo joins the PAWS’ABILITIES program to begin his training. Join us in welcoming Cosmo as he reaches for the stars!

April's issue of the Hearing Dog Hearld contains BIG news, warm welcomes, a new volunteer opportunity, and a tale of adventures at Stanley Market. Check out the issue to get all the details.

From elevator rides to bridges and tanks full of fish, IHDI dogs in training embark on adventures at Bass Pro Shops.

Earlier this month, International Hearing Dog was honored to share space & celebrate Deaf History Month with so many incredible d/Deaf and hard of hearing exhibitors, organizations, businesses, artists, community members, and their families at Deafopia.

Let's talk about what makes Kuranda Dog Beds a great training aid with Hearing Dog trainer, Leah!

Legacy High School's American Sign Language Classes leave a legacy of support for International Hearing Dog, year after year!

Want to help IHDI welcome new dogs to IHDI, be in the know about our awesome corporate sponsors, check out the latest from our give back partners, learn about IHDI training outings, or hear about opportunities to get involved? Join the Hearing Dog Herald! Or check the latest issue.

A huge thank you to WeatherTech, Colorado, for welcoming IHDI to their beautiful new showroom for a weekly handling class with our volunteer Puppy Raisers!

For the past two months and now for March & April, IHDI has been graciously supported by our local Bentley's Pet Stuff - Indian Tree location as their round-up at checkout recipients.

We are pleased to introduce our newest hearing service dog candidate, Brandy (aka Little Ms. Confident), sponsored by the Brandman Foundation!

Throughout the months of January and February, the High 5 Plumbing team shared our mission, highlighted our needs, and fundraised to supply Hearing Service Dogs to the d/Deaf and hard of hearing community!

Head collars, like the Gentle Leader or Halti, are just one important training tool that IHDI uses with our Hearing Dog trainees to help them learn the basics of how to walk nicely and calmly on a leash!

We got new dogs in training, new give-back partners, new volunteer experiences, and new events to share with you! Get the scoop on all that is new in the February issue of the Hearing Dog Herald.

IHDI Puppy Raiser, Isabella gave IHDI the scoop on what it means to her to be a Puppy Raiser for hearing dog hopeful Enzo.

International Hearing Dogs learn to get dressed as part of their training. As service dogs have to wear equipment every day, it is important that each dog in training is comfortable and confident in getting dressed to wear collars, harnesses, and vests.

2023 is shaping up to be another year of great things to come for IHDI. Read the January issue of the Hearing Dog Herald, we're catching you up on puppy progress, safety tips, and Tulok's adoption story and much more.

The Honest Kitchen and I and Love and You believe in and support, IHDI's hearing dog through in-kind support of needed items.

Since being partnered with Hearing Dog Rose Petal Joan's life has changed for the better at home and in her community.

High 5 Plumbing, through their High 5 Cares partnership, is helping to raise funds and share the mission of IHDI within the Denver Metro community!

AmazonSmile, Amazon's program that since 2013 has made it easier for customers to support their favorite charities, including IHDI, is effectively being discontinued next month. But our hearing dogs aren't frowning, as IHDI's Hearing Dog Heroes ensure they have every reason to smile.

IHDI hearing service dogs work rain or shine, and we keep them outfitted to ensure they can do so safely. Hearing Dog Grayson models his boots to share the importance of dog booties and how they help protect his feet -- and your dog's feet, too -- from extreme temperatures and resulting hazardous conditions. Read this post on why you should consider booties for your dog and tips to introduce them to booties so they can have safe adventures in every environment.

International Hearing Dog is thrilled to have been selected as Bentley's Pet Stuff - Indian Trees Round Up Nonprofit partner for January & March! For these two months, every customer will have the opportunity at checkout to round up their total in support of IHDI.

To each and everyone of you who shared his story, passed along his photos and forwarded his bio, we are thrilled to share that Tulok has found his forever family and has made his home in the snowy Colorado Rockies!

Atlas, a PAWS'abilities pup, and his Master Handler, James, have been making significant strides. Atlas can already complete two-way alerts and is preparing to move on to more advanced training!

High 5 Plumbing's nonprofit donation program, High 5 Cares, supports IHDI as a throwback partner!

2022 has been an exciting and action-packed year at IHDI. However, in the December issue, we're shining a light on a few of IHDI's community support efforts that made IHDI's work possible in 2022 and are carrying IHDI into 2023.

2022 has been an exciting and action-packed year at IHDI. Our heartfelt thanks to each of you who have supported us with your gifts, time, and talents this past year. As we begin the New Year, we wish you all good health and happiness in 2023!

Petco Love shows support of International Hearing Dog's Helping Heroes with a $2,500 award.

We got everything they are hoping to find under the tree on our Amazon Wish List. Check out the approved list to select fun new toys, treats, chews, puzzles, or food. Items can be shipped directly to our facility via Amazon.

The wellness of IHID's hearing dog trainees is of top priority, and we couldn't be more thankful to the Animal Oasis of the Rockies staff for ensuring our dogs are healthy and happy.

Our Colorado community rallied to raise nearly $25,000 in funds to empower individuals who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing by partnering them with a service Hearing Dog and opening their world to safety, independence, companionship, and peace of mind. Thank you, Colorado!

The November issue has arrived to lift your spirits and spark your gift giving this holiday season. Colorado Gives Day is a great way to support IHDI and our "A" team -- Hearing Dog Puppies-In-Training Astro, Atlas, Augie, and Acorn. We've also included a Giving Back Gift Guide with a collection of gift ideas -- from specialty treats to custom pet portraits and crafted coffee that fuels a greater purpose to an inventive assortment of dog toys and more -- you'll love to give. In other tidings of cheer, IHDI visited Colorado & Company on Channel 9NEWS to share on the Puppy Raiser program. Lastly, help Tulok's wish for a home of his own come true!

This Holiday season, you can shop and support both IHDI and small businesses through our Give Back Gift Guide. From specialty treats to custom pet portraits and crafted coffee that fuels a greater purpose to an inventive assortment of dog toys and more the guide has gifts you'll love to give.

Banjo is IHDI's newest puppy-in-training recruit and has already started his training in our Prison Puppy Raiser Program - PAWS'abilities (Preparing Animals With Service abilities). We have high hopes for his future as a hearing dog!

Thank you, Colorado & Company, for the opportunity to share our Puppy Raiser Volunteer Program with the Colorado and Company on 9NEWS community!

Did you know, you can donate money you are already spending to IHDI when you shop at both King Soopers & City Market? Through the Community Rewards Program at King Soopers and City Market, you can support IHDI with every grocery run by simply scanning your loyalty card at checkout!

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