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Brizo, Professional Therapeutic Support Dog, is Making a Difference

Brizo In Session

IHDI introduced the team of Brizo and Cindy to our community back in December 2021. Cindy, a Mental Health Therapist in private practice, partnered up with Professional Therapeutic Support Dog, Brizo to offer support, deep pressure therapy, and overall comfort to patients. We're happy to share that Brizo is excelling in his new career. Cindy recently raved about how Brizo through his work as a therapy dog is making a positive difference in her patients' experiences and in her daily life as well.

"Having Brizo as a therapy dog with me at work has been wonderful. My clients are drawn to him immediately and have expressed feeling joy and comfort from his greetings as well as calm from his presence. Especially as we transition from all online therapy/telehealth, to in-person sessions, having Brizo accompany me has been helpful in alleviating anxiety for folks. It's been a big change for people to be face to face again and this has increased anxieties for many people. Brizo eases the stress, provides another place to focus, brings people into the present moment, and offers a safe and non-judgmental presence. He's very soft and gentle. For me personally, Brizo has been very comforting both in and out of the therapy room. I take more breaks and walks which renews my energy during the work day. I can always count on him to come find me at home and connect with me. As a person who loves contact and connection, Brizo is a perfect match. He is an exuberant snuggler and I also see him reflect my emotions in his own body. This really makes me feel comforted and not alone in the world and in times of stress personally, which allows me to process my feelings and continue forward to be a more productive and engaged parent, partner, and therapist."