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Welcome to the Hearing Dog team, Birdie!

Hearing Dog in Training Birdie and Puppy Raiser Olivia

At six months old, Hearing Dog in Training Birdie is ready to spread her wings at IHDI. Birdie started training at another service dog organization, but they thought she'd excel in Hearing Dog work! Welcoming Birdie to IHDI exemplifies the great connections the IHDI team has built with several service dog organizations. IHDI has been strengthening our network by educating on the importance of hearing dogs, the nature of their work, and the traits we are looking for in a prospective candidate. Birdie is an active little lady and very treat-motivated, both highly sought-after traits for a trainee! Birdie was selected to join IHDI because of her fantastic response to sound. Birdie enthusiastically approached and investigated each sound during her evaluation, confirming her chances of taking flight as a hearing dog.

Birdie is partnered with Olivia, one of IHDI's wonderful volunteer Puppy Raisers! As a community-based volunteer Puppy Raiser, Olivia is helping Birdie develop house manners, is building on Birdie's leash manners, and is working diligently to help Birdie learn to keep all four paws on the floor when greeting people - no matter how exciting it is to meet new friends! Birdie is curious, enthusiastic, and wants to please -- all excellent traits in a hearing service dog hopeful in the making. 

"It has been so much fun getting to work with Birdie! I have gained much more knowledge about service dog training. I love watching her grow and continue to learn new things every day. She definitely keeps me on my toes, but she makes my days much more enjoyable! I am excited to be along on her journey and appreciate the encouraging support from the IHDI team!" - IHDI Puppy Raiser, Olivia