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Chloe came into my life in February 2009, and what a wonderful change she made in my quiet world. Martha brought her and she immediately took to her tasks at my home, responding to the doorbell and smoke alarm with gusto. Chloe never did anything half way, so full of life and willing to change mine! She opened doors in the social world that had slowly closed as my hearing got worse.

From the many strangers who were attracted to her, to friends that didn’t realize how bad my hearing had become -- it was a blessing to know folks would take that extra step, inspired by Chloe, to get my attention and visit.

She was my safety net in so many ways. At home, she let me know if someone or something was unusual outside. In public, she alert folks to my hearing loss so they would speak to my face. Walking in the park, she drew attention to the fact I that wouldn’t hear bikes and runners coming from behind! And at work, she helped me know when people were coming into the office when I was busy and didn’t notice. There were those subtle things she did that made me aware, and that not very subtle touch for the doorbell and the bed shaking leap onto the bed and in my face for the smoke alarm. It was awesome and wonderful to have such a delightful time working with her.

Her illness hit suddenly and there was no way to fix it or even make her comfortable, so we had to make that sad choice to set her free. We miss her terribly!

--from Hearing Dog recipient Jean

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