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Hearing Dog Hike

Laura and Hearing Dog, Portia, are hiking 34 miles in July together in southwestern Oregon. Laura, generously decided to begin a fundraising campaign on behalf of their adventure with all donations going to International Hearing Dog, where Portia was trained.

"Walking in the outdoors is a great passion of mine. Having my special Hearing Dog, Portia, come along allows me to thoroughly absorb my surroundings. By following Portia's eyes and ears, I am able to capture many sounds and animals in the environment. I am extraordinarily grateful to International Hearing Dog, Inc. for introducing me to my teammate Portia who enhances my life. Please join me in supporting International Hearing Dog, Inc. Many people's and dogs' lives are saved due to the dedicated, caring staff of International Hearing Dog, Inc."

We are excited to be following them along on their trek and grateful to share their special bond with the world.

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