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Supporters Power Our Work

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Supporters are unquestionably the life force that drives our work!

IHDI thrives ONLY through the generous support of a vast network of supporters – people like you – who are as passionate about "training other ears to hear" as we are. Together, we place hearing dogs across the country that transform lives and communities. We strive to match 12 to 15 life-changing hearing dogs every year that directly enhance each client's quality of life at no cost to the client. IHDI invests about $20,000 per hearing dog to select, care for during training, train and match. That translates to around $300,000 to transform 15 lives. Simply put, we can't do this work without your support!

IHDI does not receive any government funding or insurance aid to offset the cost of selecting, training, caring for, and matching Hearing Dogs. It is only through your generosity that IHDI can match life-changing Hearing Dogs free of charge with our clients. Together we are transforming lives and communities.

We’ve made making your 100% tax-deductible gift to us as easy as 1-2-3. Pick whichever way is best for you!

MAIL: Drop your gift in the mail to us day or night.

International Hearing Dogs, Inc.
5901 E. 89th Avenue
Henderson, CO 80640

PHONE: We welcome the chance to connect with you. Please call Kendra (Director of Development) at 303-481-2376 or Carol (Executive Director) at 303-481-3449.

ONLINE: Give any time with confidence via our secure giving platform

How You Can Help

Meet Hearing Dog Team Katie & Jagger

Katie is late-deafened with progressive bilateral hearing loss. As such, she has tried to navigate the grey zones of being hard of hearing in a hearing world. Katie applied to IHDI for a hearing dog to help her regain her independence. She sought a partner to provide a sense of security to empower her to go out more often, aid in her interactions, and provide peace of mind that she will not miss the fire alarm or any other such emergencies when alone. Enter Jagger, a small dog with a mighty heart and an aim to please spirit.