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Going Beyond The Training

Hearing Dog Program

Our Goal is Hearing Dog Team Success

IHDI utilizes an 8 to 10-day Team Training onsite at IHDI's training facility with hearing dogs in training and clients with the preset objective to pass the Public Access and Sound Alert Tests. The training includes accelerated classroom instruction, hands-on experiential learning, and culminates with a graduation ceremony. The client and hearing dogs in training must learn to work together to achieve success. To facilitate a positive and strong connection, the Team Training has three concentrations.

  • Classroom Instruction: Clients learn cues, training techniques, training theory and participate in the execution of short training exercises to create a foundation for honing skills and a solid connection.  
  • Environmental Learning: Challenge-based field trips take the training beyond cues and sound alerts and introduce the team to public work scenarios.
  • Graduation: Passing the Sound Alert Certification Test and the Public Access Test solidifies the establishment of a certified Hearing Dog Team and marks the beginning of their life-changing journey together.

Graduating as a Certified Hearing Dog Team and awarding legal access to all public areas guaranteed by Federal law is provisional for the first year.