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Imagine not being able to hear the fire alarm while fire is blazing on the other side of the door.

Imagine not being able to hear your child cry when needing help or even a simple feeding.

Imagine not being able to hear someone at the door, either a friendly guest or an intruder.

Although many people seek peace and quiet, for the 48 million Americans that experience hearing loss, it can be lonely. It can be isolating. It can be dangerous.

There has to be a way to train other ears to hear for the deaf and hard of hearing community so they can have the comfort, feel safe, and live independently. 

 Our hearing dogs are the answer! 

Now we're in the business of saving and transforming lives here at International Hearing Dog and we didn't want to just stop at one life, lets make it TWO! Some of our dogs had out-dates from high kill shelters at no fault of their own. 

International Hearing Dog, Inc. transforms two lives with each hearing dog team. Both person and dog get a 'new leash on life'.

Now imagine resting peacefully knowing that if your fire alarm goes off, you will wake up, because your hearing dog is alerting you.

Now imagine knowing your child is getting your attention when they need it because your hearing dog lead you to your crying baby.

Now imagine feeling safety and independence in your own home because you know you have other ears hearing for you. 

Meet one of our Hearing Dog recipients in Omaha

This is just one example of the over 1,300 lives International Hearing Dog has impacted in all 50 states and in Canada. Our dogs are truly life changing for our recipients and give them a comfort and independence nothing else can.

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