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The mission of International Hearing Dog, Inc. is to rescue shelter dogs and train them to assist persons who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing, with and without multiple disabilities, at no cost to the recipient.

Silence. It is what many seek… peace and quiet… far away from the noisy world. But imagine what it is like for nearly 48 million Americans, more than 10 percent of the population, who experience hearing loss. Often it is frustrating. More often, it is lonely. Many times it can be dangerous.

Consequences of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss of any degree affects every area of a person’s life, from education to employment to personal relationships.

  • Deaf parents may stress over not hearing their children cry;
  • Seniors risk their independence when hearing loss causes them to miss sounds of danger;
  • Young adults are fearful of living on their own for the first time because they can’t hear the alarm clock, the phone, doorbell, and emergency sounds.

Assistance for People with Hearing Loss

There are many forms of assistance for hard-of-hearing persons. Assistive-listening devices can be helpful, such as flashing lights and vibrators, but are not permanent solutions nor help in all cases, such as heavy sleeping.

Hearing people, such as family members or friends, can also be supportive. However, this can rob many deaf or hard-of-hearing persons of an independent life, creating a dependence-responsibility relationship.

What is the most successful way to bring persons with hearing loss comfort, safety, and independence? Hearing Dogs.

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