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Welcome to the IHDI Community

Be Part of IHDI

Some partnerships are smiply a natural fit

This is as true for d/Deaf and hard of hearing individuals that we train hearing dogs for as it is for the volunteers who give their time and talents to connect IHDI to our community and help hearing dogs in training be the best they can be!

Explore the options to be part of IHDI, pick the option that best suits you, and then get in touch.

  • Volunteers share our passion for changing lives! Choose from welcoming dogs into your home for the weekend, long-term foster, puppy raising, administrative tasks in the office, campus upkeep projects, socializing with the dogs, and much more. If you want to give of your time, IHDI has a myriad of ways to help.
  • Applicants are some of the 50 million Americans who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing, across all demographics, and hearing dog client hopefuls. We can't wait to meet you!  
  • Clients are not only approved applicants who benefit the most from a hearing dog. They become extended IHDI family. Whether they are in the process of receiving a hearing dog or part of an established hearing dog team, IHDI works alongside clients to ensure best practices and continued success as a hearing dog team.

Meet Hearing Dog Team Ruth and Grayson

Since she was a baby, Ruth has had hearing loss, which progressed to being deaf by young adulthood. Ruth has an independent spirit and a great deal of perseverance. Ruth sought out International Hearing Dog's services because she wanted a dog to alert her to everyday sounds which she could not hear – like a wake-up alarm, smoke alarms, household appliance buzzers, and people knocking on her front door. Ruth felt that being notified of these sounds would help open up her world. Creating that bridge and bringing a sense of safety and independence into Ruth's world is Hearing Dog, Grayson!