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Matching Hearing Dogs

Hearing Dog Program

How we partner Hearing Dog Teams

The matching process considers the activity level, lifestyle, needs, and ability to care and adequately provide continued training for the hearing dog. Guided by our pledge to our clients and dogs, we are dedicated to making every effort to create and support matches that are the most fitting and highly suited for success. To achieve this, it is critical that we have an all-encompassing picture of each client – needs, lifestyle, expectations, and willingness and ability to partner with a hearing dog. Therefore, during our process with clients, we strive to understand their needs and abilities, be clear around expectations, and be honest and open in our communications. We are diligent in our selection practice and endeavor to create a match that offers the greatest potential for every client.

IHDI has instituted online modules to facilitate the matching process.

  • Client Preparation Module -- provides new clients required training for being paired with a hearing dog 
  • Matching Module -- creates avenues for clients to "meet" numerous dogs virtually. Doing so enables the clients to witness a dog's movement, experience temperaments, energy, and personality, and provide reactions and responses. All of this is essential information as we determine best matches.

Once matched, training sessions with clients are scheduled consisting of online pre-training, onsite hands-on training, and follow-up training. The focus is to ensure success in various environments such as home, work, school, and in public. IHDI remains in partnership with the client and the hearing dog throughout the life of the match.