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BACK 40 Dogs

BACK 40 Dogs

Back 40 Dogs - Working Supplements for Working Dogs

Back 40 Dogs has formulated organic, raw, nutrient dense supplements that are designed to work as hard for your dog as they do for you! Be your dog's best friend by feeding them supplements that strengthen body & mind, optimize quality of life, and promote longevity.

Join Back 40's mission in giving back $1 million to working dog organizations by using IHDI's unique code (IHDI)  at checkout to save 5% on your order while also donating 20% back to the Hearing Dog program! Happy Shopping!!

Meet Hearing Dog Team Darwin & Crispy

"Thank you, International Hearing Dog Inc, for this wonderful dog, Crispy." Wearing his work vest, Crispy goes everywhere with Darwin. A hearing loss is an invisible handicap, but Crispy makes the invisible visible. Crispy was born at IHDI and fostered until he began his training at IHDI. Darwin had been approved and next on the list for a hearing dog, so Crispy was a perfect fit for their family! They all live here in Colorado and show their support by attending every event.