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Umber's Fight Continues

Umber had another exam and chemo session this week. He has now had two very positive reports from the oncologist. We are crossing our fingers but feeling cautiously optimistic. His oncologist is pleased by Umber’s progress. As of this report his tumors are resolved, and his blood work and liver function are great. Baring any unforeseen – and unwanted – developments, Umber’s next vet visit and chemo session is scheduled for two weeks.

Fingers crossed that things can keep on moving forward for him! It is so evident that Umber is definitely feeling better – more energy, more excitement, more engagement with his world! He has been absolutely thriving in his foster home, being far more playful with his “furry foster siblings”, taking in & loving longer and more strenuous hikes, and simply being more alert and involved in everyday living. He is a fighter!